Faith, Maturity, and Professional Practice Bible Study

Due to popular request, the Association of Christians in Health and Human Services will host a 4-part monthly Bible Study series led by Dr. Michael Sherr. We believe in the discipleship journey. We believe that being grounded in the Scriptures and the Biblical Worldview will help us to overcome challenges in both our personal lives […]

Evidence-based interventions for women with DSM-5 diagnosis of past childhood sexual abuse

This session will include a description of work completed in early 2000’s, at University of Miami, in Women’s Mental Health Programs, with Dr. Sally Dodds. These women were diagnosed with HIV, but also had histories of being sexually abused as children, and a majority had diagnosis of PTSD. Co-occurring mental health disorders, stigma and shame […]

From Healing to Wholeness: A Christian Perspective on Emotional and Mental Wellness

Ebony Hudson is a licensed clinical social worker who is dual licensed in New Jersey and South Carolina. Ebony is most proud to add “author” to her list of accomplishments. Her book, “From Healing to Wholeness: A Christian Perspective on Emotional & Mental Wellness” shares how Christians can be healed and made whole mentally and […]

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