Ebony Hudson is a licensed clinical social worker who is dual licensed in New Jersey and South Carolina. Ebony is most proud to add “author” to her list of accomplishments. Her book, “From Healing to Wholeness: A Christian Perspective on Emotional & Mental Wellness” shares how Christians can be healed and made whole mentally and emotionally. Using basic Christian principles, Ebony outlines specific, practical steps one can take along the path of healing. She also examines lessons we can learn from individuals in the Bible who had a relationship with God and struggled – and overcame – life’s challenges. This presentation will explore Luke 17 as the foundational basis for the book, discuss how it benefits Christians coping with mental health issues, and include a few book themes that can be applied when working with clients (believers and non-believers).

What is Diverse Discussions?

  • Live Discussions for Christian helping professionals and students; conversations, interviews, and Q & A with experts and professionals.
  • Topics include working with diverse populations and challenging issues from a Christian worldview.
  • Focus is on integrating faith and practice to increase skills, knowledge, and ability to effectively engage and serve others in pluralistic contexts.
From Healing to Wholeness: A Christian Perspective on Emotional and Mental Wellness
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