Kim Parker, EdD, MSW

Co-founder and Executive Director

As a young refugee girl in search of freedom, my family and I were homeless and stateless for eleven months in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. In 1979, a small Christian church in Texas sponsored my family to immigrate to America. Today, I am a licensed clinical social worker, former therapist in private practice in Texas, and the co-founder of a new Christian nonprofit organization called the Association of Christians in Health and Human Services (ACHHS). More importantly, I have been called to be a witness of the saving grace and hope found in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But this very message of God’s love and goodness is muzzled in our worldly culture today.

This past decade, my colleagues and I have seen identity politics influence our professional organizations, including those serving Christians in social work, counseling, psychology, nursing, healthcare, and human services. Our professions have been greatly impacted by postmodern perspectives and ideology that run counter to the message of truth and grace found in the Biblical worldview. While we strive for excellent and ethical care, ACHHS seeks to remain steadfast in our nine core convictions. The beliefs about our human creation, spiritual identity, and God’s merciful love enable Christians to persevere in serving clients and patients in a world of hardships and immense suffering. Will you please join us in making a positive difference in the world today?

Board of Directors

Michael Sherr, PhD, MSW
Co-Founder, Board Member
Cedarville University
Marty Eng, PharmD, RPh
Board President
Cedarville University
David King, DSW, MSW
Board President-Elect
Indiana Wesleyan University
Amy Mitchell, PhD, LCSW
Board Member, Social Work
Angelia Mickle, DNP, RN, FNP-C
Board Treasurer
Cedarville University
James Phelan, PsyD, LCSW
Board Secretary
Practitioner, Adjunct Professor
Luke Tse, PhD, LPC
Board Member, Psychology
Cedarville University
Deborah Glasscock, PhD, LCSW
Board Member, Psychology
Practitioner, Adjunct Professor

Contact Us
Email: admin@achhs.org
Mailing address: P.O. Box #177
Spring, Texas 77383

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