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Christianity and Same Sex Attraction: One Man’s Journey February 15, 2023 featuring Daren Mehl, Pastor and President of Voice of the Voiceless. RSVP here to attend the webinar free.

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Antiracism and Christianity in Human Services November 14, 2022 featuring Kevin Briggins

When Dad Wants To Be a Woman September 19, 2022 featuring Denise Shick

Challenging Issues Open Forum Q and A: Help for Christians Navigating Difficult Issues or Policies in Pluralistic Settings featuring a panel discussion with Joe Cirino, James Long, Kim Parker, and Erica Wortherly. Discussion not recorded.

Evidence-based interventions for women with DSM-5 diagnosis of past childhood sexual abuse  
April 25, 2022 featuring Rhonda Hudson, LCSW

From Healing to Wholeness: A Christian Perspective on Emotional and Mental Wellness
March 28, 2022 featuring Ebony Hudson, LCSW

Working With Folks From Latino Culture: Understanding their Christian Faith and Woke Influences
February 28, 2022 featuring Manny and Kat Elias, LCSW

Seeking Christian Unity In Times of Division
January 27, 20222 featuring Jason Ho, MD, MABC

Examining Non-abusive Use of Spanking in Christian Households
December 27, 2021 featuring Kim Parker, LCSW

Using Scriptural Meditations to Heal Trauma
November 17, 2021 featuring Teneka Miles, LCSW, CCTP

Christian Love: Ministering to the Traumas That Have Caused Gender Dysphoria
September 15, 2021 featuring David Pickup, MA, LMFT

A Christian Response to Sexual Orientation Change
July 26, 2021 featuring Dr. James Phelan, PsyD, LCSW

Sexuality Issues in Human Services: Christian Perspectives & Strategies
June 28, 2021 featuring Dr. David King, DSW, MSW, MA

Moral Distress: An Interprofessional Dialogue
May 17, 2021 featuring Dr. Marty Eng, PharmD, R.Ph

Positive Psychology Practice to Improve Well Being in Times of Anxiety
April 21, 2021 featuring Psychology Professor David Stefan, PhD

Social Justice – a Biblical Perspective
March 22, 2021 featuring Theologian & Social Work Professor James Long, DSW

Working with Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
February 24, 2021 featuring Social Work Professor Lori Goss-Reaves, PhD

Integration of Christian Faith in Practice: Confronting the Challenges
January 18, 2021 featuring Social Work Professor David King, DSW

Critical Race Theory (part 2) from a Pastoral lens, and Implications for Believers
December 14, 2020 featuring Pastor Alex Bryant of Alex Bryant Ministries

Dissecting Critical Race Theory from a Biblical Lens, and Implications for Practice
December 1, 2020 featuring Theology Professor Mark Owens, PhD

Dealing with Death and Dying as a Christian Helping Professional
November 16, 2020 featuring Social Work Professor Melissa Brown, MSW

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