Membership eligibility is open to the following:

  • Those working in health and human services fields (HHS) such as nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, counselors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chaplains, social workers, and more;
  • Christian educators or practitioners in the above HHS fields of study;
  • College students in HHS programs with at least junior classification status.

AND those who:

  1. Affirm belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  2. Support the following ACHHS Objectives:
    • Fostering interdisciplinary continuing education that promotes biblical integration and ethical practice;
    • Cultivating opportunities for fellowship and personal growth with professionals that affirm the inerrancy, sufficiency, and authority of Scripture and unity in Jesus Christ as risen Lord;
    • Supporting professionals to uphold biblical views regarding issues such as the sanctity of life, God’s creation of man and woman in His image, and God’s intended purpose for marriage as being of one man and one woman; and
    • Engaging in professional activities to accomplish ACHHS mission and vision.
  3. Agree with the ACHHS Statement of Core Beliefs
  4. Pay annual dues
  5. Are approved by the Board of Directors

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