This session will include a description of work completed in early 2000’s, at University of Miami, in Women’s Mental Health Programs, with Dr. Sally Dodds. These women were diagnosed with HIV, but also had histories of being sexually abused as children, and a majority had diagnosis of PTSD. Co-occurring mental health disorders, stigma and shame had long prevented these women from seeking mental health services for themselves. Not doing so caused several risk factors tor these women and their families. The presenter will discuss the importance of serving all clients in the most competent way and using evidence-based practice models for working with this population of clients, in both individual and group therapy settings. Dr. Rhonda Hudson is an experienced licensed clinical social worker with 14 years working as a social work professor at a Christian university. She is currently in clinical practice in an EAP program.
Evidence-based Interventions for Working with Women with Trauma

What is Diverse Discussions?

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Evidence-based interventions for women with DSM-5 diagnosis of past childhood sexual abuse
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