Understanding Coercive Control Webinar
Free live Diverse Discussions Webinar on Tuesday, December 19th from 6-7PM Central Time (7-8pm Eastern).
The webinar presentation will explore these two questions:
  1. How do you know when you are being coerced?
  2. How does brainwashing work?
Moderator: Kat Elias, LCSW, see biography in the flyer below.
Presenter: Anna Kitko, MA, holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary, is under supervision for her Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapist (Tennessee), and is near completion of a Master of Science in the Psychology of Coercive Control from the University of Salford, Manchester UK (2024). Her areas of specialty include christian apologetics, neurochemistry, cults and new religions, PTSD and Dissociative Disorders in religious environments, and Practical Theology in culturally taboo subjects. She speaks internationally on the intersection of Psychology and Theology as well as the anatomy of persuasion..
What is Diverse Discussions?
  • Live Discussions for Christian helping professionals and students; conversations, interviews, and Q & A with experts and professionals.
  • Topics include working with diverse populations and challenging issues from a Christian worldview.
  • Focus is on integrating faith and practice to increase skills, knowledge, and ability to effectively engage and serve others in pluralistic contexts.
Understanding Coercive Control

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