Integration of Christian Worldview

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Integration of Christian Worldview
Integration of Christian Worldview in Practice

Discussion details:

The presenter will present for 30 minutes followed by question and answer/discussion.

In addition to the ethical challenges helping professionals often encounter daily with individual clients, patients or families, increasingly, workers face areas of moral tension between areas of  public policy and agency or professional expectations that may clash with their Christian faith. This discussion will identify key areas of tension between Christian faith  and professional practice and discuss implications and challenges for Christian professionals. Ideas for responding ethically using a worldview model will also be discussed along with a Q and A.

What is Diverse Discussions?

  • Live Discussions for Christian helping professionals and students; conversations, interviews, and Q & A with experts and professionals.
  • Topics include working with diverse populations and challenging issues from a Christian worldview.
  • Focus is on integrating faith and practice to increase skills, knowledge, and ability to effectively engage and serve others in pluralistic contexts.
Integration of Christian Faith in Practice: Confronting the Challenges

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