For Christian parents, the Bible can be a source of guidance and strength to raise children with values and direction. Yet, research has linked conservative Christian parents to authoritarian behaviors or harsh parenting practice, including the use of corporal punishment. A literature review of the topic of corporal punishment provides extensive information regarding the factors associated with and the negative effects of harsh parenting.  In America, there are historical justifications for using physical force in child rearing. Today, many adults still advocate for the practice of spanking to bring children up “in the way they should go”. So what factors can result in a successful, non-abusive practice of spanking children? Kim Parker is a licensed clinical social worker who has over two decades of experience working with children and families. Gleaning from her own personal journey as a mother of three, her professional experience, and her current doctoral research on this topic, she will present preliminary findings on this phenomenological research. 13thwebinar What is Diverse Discussions?
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Examining Non-abusive Spanking in Christian Households
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