When Dad Wants To Be a Woman

Working With Transgender Families
  1. How should Christians think about working with families with transgender parents?
  2. What are the experiences of children in families with a transgender parent?
  3. What Biblical principles should Christian helpers consider when working with families with a transgender parent?
Denise Shick is the founder and executive director of Help 4 Families Ministry and director of Living Stones Ministries. She is the author of six children’s books and several nonfiction books, including My Daddy’s Secret, Understanding Gender Confusion—A Faith-Based Perspective, and Transgender Confusion—A Biblical Q&A for Families. She is an ordained minister and has a BA in psychology. She is also a conference speaker and presents workshops on transgenderism and its impact on families. Denise has been interviewed on many faith-based radio and television programs. She has published articles in The Federalist, LifeSite News and American Thinker. Denise has led church-based support groups for people with sexual addictions and has assisted groups in an alcohol and substance abuse clinic. She served seven years in a Christian pregnancy center in several roles and implemented an abstinence program, for which she was the director.

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When Dad Wants To Be a Woman
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