Association of Christians in Health and Human Services will keep members engaged and connected throughout their careers with the following key activities*:

  • Closed membership social media group — The closed group will provide an active open forum for community building for members who will know that everyone in the group shares a common biblical foundation. Members can share scriptural insights, testimonies, research articles, and resources and seek support from colleagues when facing ethical dilemmas with patients or colleagues.
  • Weekly devotional — Brief scriptural devotion from Cedarville University faculty, ACHHS leadership, or guests, framed with specific relevance for uplifting/encouraging members on the front lines of serving patients and clients as direct practitioners or administrators.
  • *An ongoing list of policy statements — Brief (one to two-page) practice-oriented policy statements intended to assist members to understand a biblical worldview of common issues faced in practice.
  • *Prayer support — Access to a link on the ACHHS website for prayer support organized by the executive director of the organization. The prayer support group will be a great way to engage students in biblical and theological studies and health and human services fields in ministry as they can help provide a safe haven of prayer support for professionals all over the world.
  • Free monthly webinars — Members can participate in discussions on diverse topics from diverse perspectives, including interdisciplinary topics taught by health and human services faculty, practitioners, pastors, theologians, fellow members, and biblically grounded Christian attorneys. *CEUs may be provided in the future.
  • *Annual conference — Annual conference providing two-three days of worship, fellowship, and training emphasizing biblical literacy and ethical integration of faith in practice with patients and colleagues.
  • *Access to the Journal of Biblical Integration Practice — Using Digital Commons, this will be an open-access online journal for members to share scholarship relating to biblical integration in health and human services fields.
  • *Reduced graduate school tuition for select programs (15%)
  • *Preferred rates on liability insurance
  • *Membership directory, including directory of therapists or practitioners who adhere to our core beliefs in their professional practice.

*Currently developing or to be developed.

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