Exploring the Nature of Sexual Attraction: A Webinar For Curious Christians

Free live Diverse Discussions Webinar on Wednesday May 24th from 6-7 PM CDT (7-8pm EDT).
The webinar presentation will explore these two questions:
  1. What causes sexual attraction in general?
  2. What are the prerequisites for the development of healthy, integrated sexual attractions?
Moderator: Dr. Kim Parker
The presenter, Andrew Rodriguez, is a licensed professional counselor in Pennsylvania, specializing in sexual struggles.  He’s the director of Integrity Christian Counseling in Pottstown, PA.  Andrew is a certified Re-integrative Therapist, trained by Joseph Nicolosi, Jr, and a certified clinical trauma professional.  He’s been working in the field of sexual struggles since interning at an Exodus International member ministry in 2006. Andrew has lead for several years a support group for men at his college.  In graduate school, he faced discrimination for his work with men dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction.  He’s now a vocal advocate for therapeutic choice, serving on the board of Voice of the Voiceless, a non-profit that uplifts the voices of ex-LGBT people.  And he enjoys “babbling about psychology and theology” (and sexuality and culture) on his YouTube channel, PsychoBible.  He and his wife, Jessica, attend Hopewell Community Church. What is Diverse Discussions?
  • Live Discussions for Christian helping professionals and students; conversations, interviews, and Q & A with experts and professionals.
  • Topics include working with diverse populations and challenging issues from a Christian worldview.
  • Focus is on integrating faith and practice to increase skills, knowledge, and ability to effectively engage and serve others in pluralistic contexts.
Exploring the Nature of Sexual Attraction: A Webinar For Curious Christians
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