Christian Love: Ministering to the Traumas That Have Caused Gender Dysphoria

How do we stand for the truth but demonstrate compassion? What are the unseen family and emotional issues that can create dysphoria?

In this diverse discussion, part 4 of the summer sexuality series, David Pickup MA, LMFT, will draw from his decades of clinical experience working with gender dysphoric individuals to share about how there is no compassion without truth. Furthermore, by confronting the full truth of a matter, one can begin to heal from deep wounds in one’s past. Mr. Pickup will discuss the role of image transformation therapy (IMTT) as a therapeutic tool to disclose past trauma that can then unleash the healing powers of the mind. For Christian helping professionals, adopting Christlike compassion and working to develop safety and security for clients will allow this work, aka reintegrative therapy, to achieve mutually derived therapy goals.

Please note: As a licensed counselor and marriage and family therapist, Mr. Pickup does not practice nor promote what some might call “conversion therapy”. Nor will ACHHS, as a faith-based organization, knowingly host any presenters or educators who promote any unethical practice or practice that conflicts with our core faith beliefs. 

This webinar is eligible for 1.0 CEUs for Texas LPCs, LMFTs, and LCSWs.


  • Live Discussions for Christian helping professionals and students; conversations, interviews, and Q & A with experts and professionals.
  • Topics include working with diverse populations and challenging issues from a Christian worldview.
  • Focus is on integrating faith and practice to increase skills, knowledge, and ability to effectively engage and serve others in pluralistic contexts.

Christian Love: Ministering to the Traumas That Have Caused Gender Dysphoria
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