ACHHS Convention Workshops Available

Carolyn Allen, PhD, MA Change your thoughts, Change your life!
David King, DSW, MA, MSW Exploring a Biblically Informed Theory of Change in SW Practice
Dee M. Lucombe, DSW, MA Christian SW Clinical Approach: Accepting the Place and Path of Clients
Rhonda Hudson, PhD, MSW “I Fit”: Learned Experiences while Facilitating a GriefShare Group during the Coronavirus Pandemic
Andrew Rodriguez, MS/Rev. Darren Mehl Counseling Clients with Same Sex Attraction & Addressing Conversion Therapy Myths
Houston Thompson, EdD, MSW Using Professional Assessment Skills to Lead Through and Manage Conflict
Misti Nielsen, MA, LMFT Count it All Joy: A Biblical Response to an “Amygdala Hijack”
Diane Lamberson, MSW, LCSW The Christian’s Spiritual Armor and Its Use – Eph. 6, 10-20 as a Clinical Intervention to Build Resiliency and Relationship
Michael Sherr, PhD, MSW. Patient and Client Care: Applying a Biblical Worldview Model for Engagement, Assessment, Intervention, and Evaluation.
Eric Johnson, PhD, MA Worldviews, Therapies, and Sexual Ethics

Deborah Glasscock, PhD, LCSW

Gretchen Childress, MSW, LCSW

Marty Eng, PharmD, RPh

Ethics in the Helping Professions

Safety Planning With Clients At Risk for Suicide

Building Resilience and Addressing Moral Distress

Angela Tuers, LCSW How to Incorporate a Spiritual Component When Doing a Thorough Bio-Psychosocial Assessment with Use of the DSM-V
ACHHS Convention Workshops Available
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