2022 Annual Conference CE information

Where identified, sessions in this conference are approved by Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program as part of the individually approved conference, For Such a Time as This: Serving an Unchanging God in a Changing World, approval # 1388, offered by NJ Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies (NJAMHAA). Regulatory boards are the final authority on conference sessions accepted for continuing education credit. ACE conference approval period: 10/18/2022 – 10/18/2024. Social workers participating in this conference will receive up to 8 continuing education credits.

Notice to providers of New Jersey SW Continuing Education:
• ACE individual course approval meets the NJ Board of Social Work Examiners requirements for individual course approval pursuant to NJ Code 13:44G-6.4.16.
• Participation in the ASWB ACE Course Approval Program requires that the provider abide by all of the criteria set forth by New Jersey Administrative Code Title 13 Chapter 44 G Subchapter 6.

The following individual conference sessions have been approved for the credit amount and type listed below:

  • Parker- Applying Intersectionality and Implicit Bias Theories to Southeast Asian Refugee Immigrants Americans – 1 cultural competency credit
  • Johnson- Christ, the Center of Christian Therapy – 1 cultural competency credit
  • Vanderhoof- Faith, Self-Care, and Ethics in Today’s World – 1 ethics credit
  • Brown/Bailey- Declining Resilience in College Students: How Did We Get Here and Where Do We Go From Here? – 1 general credit
  • Lamberson- A Christ-centered 12-Step Study for Christians struggling with Addiction – a proposed model – 1 cultural competency credit
  • Sukhee Kim- Community Restoration: Opioid Crisis and Coordinated Care Strategies – 1 general credit
  • King- Ethically Working with Clients and Agencies When You Have Ideological or Moral Differences – 1 ethics credit
  • Vanderhoof- Youthful Offenders Gain Pro-Social Skills through Restorative Justice Intervention – 1 general credit
  • Sherr et al.- Social work, social services, and healthcare services exploration of Sabbath practices of Korean and American clergy from a research-informed perspective – 1 cultural competency credit
  • Wortherly- Anger Gets a Bad Rap – 1 clinical credit
  • Fishbaugh- Making Your Way into Their Reality: Meaning of Behavior in Dementia – 1 clinical credit
  • Glasscock/Hazel- Integrating Behavioral and Medical Care: Partners in Grace – 1 clinical credit
  • Eng- Examining Ethical Care for People with Dementia – 1 ethics credit
  • Hudson- Evidence-based interventions for women with DSM-5 diagnosis of past childhood sexual abuse (CSA) – 1 clinical credit

    CE credits according to their licensing boards and will be the final authority on CE credits. View the list of available workshops here, including the 14 workshops/sessions that are eligible for social work CE credit from ASWB. Social workers can earn up to 8 CE credits for completing this conference.

    An online conference booklet can be viewed here that provides details of the workshop title, presenter bios, session abstract and summary, learning objectives, primary audience and level of presentation, etc…

    Requirements to Receive CE Credits:

    For the conference sessions that are approved for CE credit (up to 1.0 CE each), conference attendees who meet the requirements below will receive a CE certificate by email within 30 days of the commencement of the conference. Attendees must:

    1. Sign in, sign out, and attend the entire session in person,
    2. Complete/submit online an evaluation for that session,
    3. Check off on each session evaluation form that they have attended in full,
    4. Presenters are not eligible to receive an ASWB issued CE certificate for presenting at their own workshop/session.
    5. Pay online $20 for up to 8 CEs total for the whole conference (not $20/session). This Paypal donation link will allow you to choose Paypal or pay by credit card. Please put $20.00 and in the optional note section, list the names of your CE sessions by presenter last names, i.e. “Parker, Johnson, Sherr et al., Fishbaugh, …”.

Non-CE Conference Certificate of Attendance

Any registered conference attendee who wishes to obtain a conference certificate of attendance from ACHHS for nonlicensure purposes, issued without the ASWB CE approval number, may do so simply by Donating $20 using the Paypal donate link. This Paypal donation link will allow you to choose Paypal or pay by credit card. Please put $20.00 and in the optional note section, write “Conference attendance certificate”. ACHHS will ensure conference attendance before issuing out an attendance certificate by email. If you wish for a certificate to be mailed to you, please put your address down on the note section. Thank you for your support of our nonprofit organization!

Grievance Procedure:

Any individual who has a complaint regarding any aspect of the conference or CE sessions is encouraged to communicate in writing to the Executive Director of ACHHS or Social Work Consultant within 30 days after the conference. The Executive Director and Social Work Consultant will promptly review, investigate, and respond in writing within 30 days of receiving this complaint. For more information, of if you have questions regarding the workshop sessions, CE credit approval requirements, conference registration, or any other aspects related to the conference, please contact ACHHS at admin@achhs.org. To request special accommodations for your participation in the conference, please contact admin@achhs.org at least a month prior to your attendance to allow us time and resources to respond adequately.

2022 Annual Conference CE information
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